Through the expert system SONOGEN XP, SONOGEN has created a solution for the clinical application of pharmacogenetics, making it possible for physicians to directly implement the latest scientific discoveries in day-to-day clinical application. Through this system, we are accelerating the process of rapidly and efficiently transferring discoveries from academic research into clinical practice.


Pharmacogenetics (PGx) studies how differences in genetic make-up (DNA) influence how drugs affect individuals. Pharmacogenetics ideally makes it possible to predict the effect of a drug in a given patient, that is, whether a particular drug is at all appropriate for this patient and whether the standard dose is the right one. Insufficient dosage will result in no clinical efficacy while excessive dosage may cause severe side effects.


The aim is to select medication attuned to the individual patient, specifically adapted to his/her needs, in proper combination, and prescribed at the most appropriate dosage.


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Choosing medications

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