• When should I undertake a SONOGEN XP-analysis?

    We provide our service for patients who are obliged to take medication frequently and long term, as well as for people for whom a treatment failure or an intolerance can have severe consequences. SONOGEN XP is also suitable for patients who do not tolerate their current treatment. Our service may also be of interest for anyone who wants to analyze his or her pharmacogenetic profile and thus wants to be prepared in case of a medical treatment. The patient would then receive from the very beginning the most suitable medicine with the optimal dose.



  • What are the risks involved?

    A small blood sample is taken for the examination and no further intervention is required. Pharmacogenetic analysis and interpretation of the results is exclusively restricted to those genes associated with drug effects.


  • How can I be sure the results are accurate?

    The analysis is performed by an accredited Swiss medical laboratory with state-of-the-art analytical methods and strict quality standards. The results are subsequently processed by the expert system  SONOGEN XP to generate a personal pharmacogenetic profile and a personalized report. SONOGEN XP is an approved Class I medical device that was developed according to current standards and norms.



  • What happens to my personal data?

    Your results and personal data are your property and will remain strictly confidential and secure complient with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Why does SONOGEN XP use a blood sample rather than saliva?

    The most reliable method of extracting DNA is from a blood sample, so this was selected as the method of choice, in consultation with our laboratory experts.

  • Is repeated blood analysis required in the long term?

    The genes of any human being are unalterable, so in principle, only a single analysis should be necessary. However, SONOGEN XP analyzes only certain genes that are known to impact the effect of drugs according to today’s knowledge. In the future, new knowledge may require the analysis of additional genes. In this case, a fresh blood analysis would be necessary to test for these new genes.

  • What kinds of information and documentation will my treating doctor and I receive?

    Your treating physician will receive a report with detailed information about your pharmacokinetic profile (PGX profile). It will indicate which of your current medications requires special attention based on your personal genetic disposition and suggest possible adjustment of your drug therapy. You will receive an easily understandable overview of which of your genes demand special attention in relation to drug therapy. Any adjustment of your drug therapy based on the results of the analysis will only be initiated by your treating physician.


  • Why has such a service not been available previously?

    Knowledge about pharmacogenetics and its influence on the effect of certain drugs has steadily increased in recent years. However, it is only evidence of a positive effect on treatment outcome that allows broad clinical application. It is hard for the individual physician to keep pace with the rapid and enormous increase in knowledge and to process complex pharmacogenetic information. The expert system SONOGEN XP employs the latest scientific knowledge to convert the results of the analysis into directly applicable information. Only through such new and innovative technologies can pharmacogenetics become generally applied in patient care.

  • Why have health insurance companies been reluctant to reimburse the costs of such an analysis until now?

    New medical methods are costly, and when they are first introduced, it may be unclear whether their use would reduce or increase expenditures or would be cost neutral. It is also difficult to know how many patients would need to be tested to discover the need to alter a treatment decision for a single patient. A number of factors besides genetics influence drug effects, including the patient’s weight, age, sex, drug interactions, dietary habits, and lifestyle; it is not always clear which of these factors is responsible for therapeutic failure or the occurrence of side effects. Similarly, it may be difficult to clearly demonstrate the positive influence of including pharmacogenetics in therapeutic decision-making.


    As of January 1, 2017, Swiss health insurance companies have begun to cover the costs of pharmacogenetic testing for selected drugs and the genes related to their effects.


  • How can I benefit from new information or study results as they become available?

    A team of experts continuously updates the knowledge database of the expert system SONOGEN XP. In this way, new scientific findings can be integrated and new applications added to the expert system SONOGEN XP.

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